20th European Workshop on Computational Geometry. 

March 24-26, 2004 Seville, Spain

Local Info


Seville (Sevilla in spanish) is one of the main cities in Spain, and the capital of Andalusia (Spain's southern region).

Seville possesses a rich and monumental heritage from the people who have lived here throughout her history.  Strolling through the barrios (Santa Cruz, Triana, San Lorenzo, etc.) is the best way of seeing the city, the Cathedral and the Alcázar being the main attractions.

In the Cathedral you should visit its world famous tower: La Giralda, the minaret of the ancient Mosque.

Among the museums you can visit the Archaeological Museum (Plaza de América s/n. Tue 15:00–20:00; Wed–Sat 9:00–20:00; Sun 9:00–14:00) and the Museum of Fine Arts (Plaza del Museo, 9. Tue 15:00–20:00; Wed–Sat 9:00–20:00; Sun 9:00–14:00).

Tourist Office addresses: Calle Arjona, 28 (Phone: 954 505 600); Paseo de las Delicias, 9 (Phone: 954 234 465, Fax: 954 273 078); Avenida de la Constitución, 21 (Phone: 954 221 404/ 954 218 157, Fax: 954 229 753); San Pablo Airport (Phone: 954 449 128, Fax: 954 449 129) and Sevilla–SantaJusta Train Station (Phone/Fax: 954 537 626).

Telephone services
Telephone Country Code of Spain: 34
Toll Free within Spain: 900 XXX XXX. Be careful with some other 90X numbers, which can be very expensive.
Seville is very provided with street pay phones. The phones accept coins and/or telephone cards (tarjetas telefónicas). Phone cards can be purchased at tobacco stands (estancos) and newsstands. For international calls several companies offer prepaid cards which use a 900 toll–free number.

Spain uses GSM 900/1800 cellular phones (teléfono móvil) which is compatible with the rest of.Europe, but not with North America and Japan. Beware of calls being routed internationally (very expensive).

Business hours Monday–Friday: 8:30–14:00. We recommend to exchange cash at a bank.
Currency exchange offices are available at generally higher rates. Always take into consideration exchange rate and commission. During the afternoon or weekends money exchange can be done at large hotels.

Many ATMs can be found around the city. ATMs accept common debit or credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD). Even some American chains as Cirrus are widely accepted by ATMs in Spain. In the same way, major credit cards are accepted in all hotels and shops.


Seville–San Pablo Airport. Phone: 954 449 000. Iberia General information Phone: 902 400 500.
Airport bus Phone: 902 210 317.

Seville has good rail links to Barcelona, Cádiz, Córdoba, Jaén, Jerez de la Frontera, Granada, Huelva, Madrid, and Málaga. The fast–track AVE railway line provides a 2h 30min connection to Madrid every hour.

Sevilla–Santa Justa train station is connected to the city center by bus lines C1, C2 and 32.

Intercity buses
There are two bus stations with bus services to most of the main cities in Spain. Prado de San Sebastián bus station Phone: 954 417 111. Plaza de Armas bus station Phone: 954 908 040.

Local buses
Orange painted city buses (new buses are painted red) are the predominant public transportation.
Information about bus lines at Transportes Urbanos de Sevilla (TUSSAM) Phone: 954 420 011. It is cheaper if you buy a Multijourney card  with 10 tickets (Bonobus)

Single Ticket Issued on board. 0.9 euros
Multijourney card (10 journeys) Issued at news-stands or at the TUSSAM ticket office. 3.8 euros
Multijourney card with transfer (10 journeys with transfer) Tranfers option means a single cancellation gives you unlimited travel on different routes within one hour. Issued at news-stands or at the TUSSAM ticket office. 4.5 euros
Tourist pass It allows you to travel unlimitedly on all of Seville's buses during 1 or 3 days. Issued at TUSSAM ticket office and some hotels. 1 day= 3 euros
3 days=7 euros

A usual taxi fare from north to south of the city center is around 6 Euros. (Radio–Taxi Giralda Phone: 954 675 555; – Radio–Taxi Phone: 954 580 000; –Tele–Taxi — Phone: 954 622 222).

Taxis charges are regulated by the City Hall. Taxis should charge a fixed amount in any trip from/to the Airport to any location in the city, according to the following schedule:

1. Diurnal: Monday to Friday, from 6:00 am to 22:00 pm: 15 Euros

2. Nocturnal and Holidays: Monday to Friday (from 22:00 pm to 6:00 am), Satudays, Sundays and Hollidays (all day): 18 Euros

They can charge an additional 0.37 Euros for each piece of luggage larger than 60 cm (24 inches)

Open hours for shops
Shops usally to open between 9–10:00 in the morning and close around 14:00 hours for lunch time. In the afternoon they open again at 17:00 hours and close around 21:00 hours (small shops often earlier). On Saturday many small shops open only in the morning.

Insurance and first aid
The registration fee does not include insurance for participants against accidents, sickness, or personal property losses. In case of an emergency please contact the General Information desk.

Useful telephones

The emergency telephone in Europe is 112.
Telephone service for Seville city administration: 010 (toll–free from Seville) (+34) 954 347 161 (International calls) with information on cultural activities and administration; in Spanish, English, French, and Italian language (8:00–22:00 hours operation).

Other useful phone numbers are:
Ambulancias (Ambulance emergency) 061
Airport 954 449 000
Ayuntamiento (City Hall) 954 590 101
Correos (Post office) 902 197 197
Hospital Virgen del Rocío (Emergencies) 954 248 181
Policlínico Virgen Macarena (Emergencies) 902 505 061
Telephone Information Service 11818
RENFE/Sevilla–Santa Justa (Railway) 902 240 202
Iberia 902 400 500
Plaza de Armas (Bus Station) 954 908 040.
Prado de San Sebastián (Bus Station) 954 417 111
Policía Local (Local Police) 092
Policía Nacional (Police) 091
USA Consulate 954 231 885


The weather in Seville uses to be fine in March, with temperature about 20º C. Find today's weather infomation and forecast:
Weather in Seville

Webcam of Campus Reina Mercedes.

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